Biosphere inspires us.

Leo viridis is a biotechnology company located in Plouzané, Brittany, France. Our core business is R&D in the field of Oil & Gas and alternative energies. Using an outstanding integrative approaches, we propose innovative solutions to answer complex issues from our industrial partners. In synergy with Cervval, our sister society specialized in numerical simulation, we can realize on purpose hybrid approaches never attempted before to solve fastidious technological breakthrough.

We are focusing on 2 axes of research : biotechnology and environmental assessment. This results in a spectrum of activities ranging from consulting to beta process optimization through R&D.

Particularly aware of the environmental challenges that mankind will face in the next years, the processes we elaborate are based on a strong ecological and human ethic. This point is our DNA.

Visita interiora terrae, rectificando invenies occultum lapidem.

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Leo Viridis
245 rue René Descartes
Technopôle de Brest
29280 Plouzané

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(+33)2 90 26 21 10

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